Meet Dr. Bedmutha

Dr. Bedmutha

Ketan Bedmutha, Dentist in Chicago

Credentials/Educational Background

  • Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine-DMD
  • Richard J. Wehle School of Business- MBA

Awards/ Memberships/ Recognitions


Years of Experience

1 year

What you Enjoy Most About Dentistry?

The thing I most enjoy about dentistry is seeing the improvements in my patients. Some patients come in with significant oral issues and it is extremely gratifying to see the positive changes and the impact dental treatment has on the whole person.

What is your Philosophy/ What Makes you Different

I like to take the time to help my patients understand what’s going on in their mouth and why it’s happening. This exchange of information, I believe, helps patients make the best possible decisions for themselves and allows me to give patients the best possible care.

What Do you Like to Do When You Aren’t at the Office?

I’m enjoying exploring Chicago, binge watching Netflix with my girlfriend and checking out Chicago sports!

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